domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

There's a new lesson out there everyday!

I realized it some time ago, but it still surprises me to see how impossible it is to go from morning to evening without adding something new to our lives. Knowledge comes from so many different sources!
Out there meeting and talking to people or at home on a rainy day - we can't scape moving on, evolving , improving , learning. Last week at the supermarket I got great tips on how to remove horrible stains from the kids' clothes. At their school two days ago I had a "lesson" on organic veggies. Yesterday talking to Nevinha (our maid) I learned so much about the vocation people have to find strength, faith and still be optimist in a world full of adversities. Flipping the pages of a magazine a few hours ago I learned that originally the architectural project for the "Torre de TV" (a monument here in Brasília) was so different and so much more beautiful from what it actually is.
The amount of learning is multiplied when we're introduced to the Online World and start browsing the various sites we find. I remember the debates some years ago over the evil computers were to people in the sense they would isolate and alienate them. That's not what I see nowadays. With Internet , computers play a very important role in our lives. They join people , help people (consider the chains sent spreading information about illnesses , or asking us to give a hand in some way to others in need), teach people.
The Online World is a non-ending source of lessons for those who are curious . And once we're into it , there's no way back. I don't think computers are addictive , learning is addictive.