domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

There's a new lesson out there everyday!

I realized it some time ago, but it still surprises me to see how impossible it is to go from morning to evening without adding something new to our lives. Knowledge comes from so many different sources!
Out there meeting and talking to people or at home on a rainy day - we can't scape moving on, evolving , improving , learning. Last week at the supermarket I got great tips on how to remove horrible stains from the kids' clothes. At their school two days ago I had a "lesson" on organic veggies. Yesterday talking to Nevinha (our maid) I learned so much about the vocation people have to find strength, faith and still be optimist in a world full of adversities. Flipping the pages of a magazine a few hours ago I learned that originally the architectural project for the "Torre de TV" (a monument here in Brasília) was so different and so much more beautiful from what it actually is.
The amount of learning is multiplied when we're introduced to the Online World and start browsing the various sites we find. I remember the debates some years ago over the evil computers were to people in the sense they would isolate and alienate them. That's not what I see nowadays. With Internet , computers play a very important role in our lives. They join people , help people (consider the chains sent spreading information about illnesses , or asking us to give a hand in some way to others in need), teach people.
The Online World is a non-ending source of lessons for those who are curious . And once we're into it , there's no way back. I don't think computers are addictive , learning is addictive.

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Ana Albi disse...

I couldn't agree more, Gabi. I used to hate computers, but now, if I don't turn it one for one day, I feel like I've missed so, so much. I also agree that the Internet is amazing, and as a matter of fact, I don't think I would have survived two years in the US without it.

Cristina Costa disse...

you just said it all. I just wish more people thought the same, or saw learning through the same lens as you. Learning is addictive, but it's a healthy addition. I have learned so much by being and taking part of the same learning environments as other people who join them with the same purpose. Learning is not/ should not be a lonely journey, and online is has been easier to find more like-minded people to walk the learning path with!
keep blogging; keep sharing such wonderful thoughts with us. ;-)

Dennis disse...

Hi, Gabi.

I related very well to the content of the first post in your "Living & Learning" blog. It's definitely true that it seems impossible to go from morning to evening without learning something new and adding it to the store of knowledge that defines our lives.

You are wise, I think, to realize that learning involves much more than processing lesson material from classes in a school: yes, we definitely learn from conversations with others, from TV, from things we observe in supermarkets, and from countless other sources, and the amount of learning is definitely "...multiplied when we're introduced to the Online World and start browsing the various sites we find."

I also remember debates about what some saw as the dangers of computers in the sense that it was feared they would isolate and alienate those who used them, and I feel, like you, that "...that's not what I see nowadays," since "with the Internet, computers play a very important role in our lives [because] they join people, help people, ...and teach people."

Finally, I agree with you that learning, not computers, is addictive, and thank goodness for that! I think, in fact, that we're only truly alive when we learning!

Thanks for your thought-provoking post!

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.—

Dennis in Phoenix

Carla Arena disse...


I've said to some people here in our session that they are natural bloggers, and you're certainly on this list. You have a special talent, a very personal style that will simply evolve if you keep blogging, even if in the beginning is not for your students, but for you. Have you ever thought of blogging your thoughts? Time has come!

As others said, I couldn't agree more with you. Learning is an addictive conversation, negotiation,exchange with others. I know how I connect with friends all over through the Internet. People I've never met face2face but are true friends, partners. Yes, the human touch is there, online. It's there for anyone willing to embrace these new connections and lifelong learning. Welcome to the club!

Carla Arena disse...

Gabi, just one detail. To change your blog to English, go to you dashboard and change the language to English.


Pat Faustino disse...

Gabi dear,
Learning and more learning! You 've hit the nail there! I cannot help being amazed at the amount of knowledge we get in this means. And what surprises and warms my heart even more is at the generosity of all the users! Everybody is willing to share and to teach you for the sake of it. What could be better?

The world in your hands!!!